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The meaning of flowers


Sending flowers must be one of the most special ways to brighten up someone's day. It is made extra special if the flower meaning also sends a message as well.

There is more to just giving or receiving flowers as every flower lover knows but even the experts can not agree on the real meaning of many flowers.

On this page we will be including information on different flowers, pictures, their names and meanings.


Flower Name Flower Meaning
Alstromeria Devotion / Friendship
Amaryllis Pride / Beauty
Anemone Unfading love / Sincerity
Babys Breath Everlasting love / Happiness
Bells of Ireland (Moleculla) Good luck
Birds of Paradise Magnificence
Carnation Pink I'll never forget you
Carnation Red Admiration
Carnation White Innocence / Pure love
Carnation Yellow You have disappointed me
Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness / You're a wonderful friend
Cornflower Delicacy / refinement
Daffodil Respect / Unrequited Love
Dahlia Good taste
Delphinium Airy
Eucalyptus Protection
Forsythia Anticipation
Gardenia You're lovely / Secret love
Gerbera Regard
Gladiolus Generosity / Strength of character
Heather white/pink Good luck
Holly Good will
Hyacinth Blue Consistency
Iris Wisdom / Eloquence
Ivy Friendship / affection
Jasmine Grace/ Elegance
Jonquil Love me / Desire
Lavender Devotion
Lilac First love
Lily (Calla) Beauty
Lily (White) Purity
Lily of the Valley Sweetness / Humility
Mimosa Sensitivity
Narcissus Stay as sweet as you are
Orchid Love / Beauty
Peony Bashfulness
Phlox Sweet Dreams
Poinsettia Good cheer
Rose Red I love you / Passion
Rose White Eternal love / Heavenly
Rose Yellow Joy / Friendship
Rose Pink Perfect happiness
Stephanotis Desire / Happiness in marriage
Sunflower Loyalty
Sweet Pea Goodbye / Blissful pleasure
Tulip General Declaration of love
Tulip Red Believe me
Tulip Yellow Hopeless love
Violet Modesty